Daytime Leagues

We have both social and fixed leagues available for all of our daytime members. All daytime leagues are classified as Open.

Competitive Fixed (Monday) **NEW**League held on Monday at 10:30 AM the Huntley Daytime Competitive Fixed league is new this year and promises to provide excellent challenge similar to evening league play but with the fun aspects of the daytime crew! [Registration open for 2017/18]

Competitive Tuesday Afternoon League - Held on Tuesday at 12:45 pm the Huntley Daytime Competitive league combines the best of both worlds by providing a competitive game, but at the same time a very social atmosphere.  Scoring is done slightly differently than other leagues and rather than focusing on Wins / Losses, it counts points via ends.  This ensures each game is often a battle back and forth making for good spirited fun and competition. [Registration open for 2017/18]

Come & Curl Leagues - Huntley's four (4) Come & Curl Leagues are an open invitation to all Huntley members to show up, form a team and throw some stones with fellow curling enthusiasts.  The current time slots for the Come & Curl Leagues are Monday at 12:45 pm, Tuesday at 9:30 am, Thursday at 9:30 am and Thursday at 12:45 pm.  Teams are determined when everyone has arrived.  If you have free time during the Come & Curl league hours and are looking to get into a friendly game, register and swing on by.  The coffee is always on! [Registration open for 2017/18]

Stick Curling League - Stick Curling held at 9:00 am on Friday is a relatively new variation of the roaring game and is gaining popularity across the country. Each stone must be delivered with a curling stick. Sweeping is limited, from the hog line to the back of the house and each team is comprised of two curlers using 6 stones.  Stick Curling provides challenge and excitement for everyone on an equal and competitive basis, and in a social atmosphere. The game provides both a physical and mental challenge while providing an opportunity for socializing and having fun. [Registration open for 2017/18 Season]

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