Thursday Night Eight-Ender

There was an eight-ender on Thursday Night Open Curling League play November 17, 2016

From left to right: Kerry Powell (skip) Karen Johnson (second) Ryan Hahn (lead-spare) Kerry Johnson (vice).  

Congratulations to Team Powell!

8 ENDER 2016

Barker & Campbell Score a Perfect End

On November 28, 2014 Rick Barker and Dave Campbell scored a 'Six Ender' in Stick curling.

The OCA recognizes these perfect ends and provides pins to those involved.

Hahn Scores a Rare Eight Ender

Count'em up everyone!  It's the golfer's equivalent to a hole in one, the elusive and difficult task of scoring eight.

An eight-ender was scored at the Carleton Heights Cash on the Wall Bonspiel February 15, 2014 by Bantam Boys Team Hahn from the Huntley Curling Club.

From left to right: Jeremy Taylor (lead) Thomas Ryan (second) Brady Lumley (vice) Ryan Hahn (skip).  

Way to go guys and don't forget to register your eight-ender with the OCA (

Team Hahn eight ender at CH Ottawa 2015

Campbell and Diguer Score a Perfect End


Dave Campbell, Dorothy Diguer scored a perfect end in Mixed Doubles (6 ends) on Friday February 7, 2014.


Eight Ender Scored During Thursday Night Open

Ron White, Rick Young, Ron Wilkie, Phil Cole scored an eight-ender during the Thursday Open League on January 19th, 2012.