Membership Options and Fees for the 2019/2020 Season

              Membership Preference Date: 31 May 2019

(returning members that register and pay by that date are accorded preference

in accordance with our policy)

                                Membership and Team Registration Policy

The HCC Board of Directors are pleased to provide the following fee schedule for membership in the Huntley Curling Club.

Note that the Fees for 2019/20 include a new Capital Fee of $50 (0 for Youth, 0 for Student) which has been implemented

to help us face our looming Building Capital expenses: this is a similar approach to that taken by many of the other regional 

curling clubs facing similar challenges.  

We have also made moderate increases in the membership rates to help offset a number of rising costs.  For a more informative

document that explains the Board's rationale, please see:  Letter to Members ref Fee Increases

Membership Fees 2019-20

Single League (Day or Evening Full Season) $450.00
Single Weekend League (Weekend Social Leagues - Full Season) $410.00
Two Evening or One Day & One Evening (Full Season) $550.00
Unlimited Evening (or Evening & Day Unlimited) $650.00
Unlimited Day Only (Full Season) $550.00
Student (secondary or post-secondary - unlimited Curling) $270.00
Youth Program (ages 8-20) $135.00
Spare Only Membership $290.00
Winter Half Season Spare Only Membership $180.00
Half Season Daytime $320.00
Daytime Discount (first time only) ($100.00)
Winter Half Season Weekend League $250.00

Options 2019-2020

Locker Rental (First Come First Serve) $25.00
Volunteer Duty Opt-Out Fee $100.00
Volunteer Duty Opt-Out Fee (Half season only) $50.00
Learn to Curl [10 session Fall or Winter] + member discount -$100 $250.00
Youth Instructional League (15 games) ages 12-18 - EVENT $100.00

 Please note

            1. All memberships include a capital Fee of $50 except Youth(0) Student (0) and Learn to Curl (0)

            2. the membership rates also include the HST.The Huntley Curling Club Harmonised Sales Tax number is 12668 3499

Discounts/Extra Fees

  1. New Daytimer $100 discount for first-time full season daytime members new to Huntley Curling Club. Offer applies to either unlimited or single league daytime registrations.
  2. Late Registration Fee (after 14-October) of $25 on Adult (non-Youth) memberships.

Returning Members and Teams

ALL RETURNING MEMBERS AND TEAMS ARE STRONGLY advised to thoroughly read the Huntley Curling Club Policy found at this link: Membership and Team Registration Policy

This Policy delineates the process by which preference is given to returning members and to teams containing returning members.   In order to ensure fair and equitable treatment to all, in accordance with our policy, this process will be rigorously applied this year.


Preference is granted to returning members who register and pay online, or submit their completed Membership Application form with their payment of membership fees before the Membership Preference Date which is May 31, 2019.

For those entering teams, preference is granted to teams that contain returning members that curled in the same league during the immediate past season, and then to teams with members that are returning but are new to that league.  For a team to qualify to be prioritized for inclusion in a league they must have at least 3 members that have registered and paid (see note below) by the Membership Preference Date which is May 31, 2019.  

Team Declaration: team declaration is made by registering online for a league as a skip, or by registering online and naming your skip if your skip has not yet registered.

NOTE: Members that are returning, but did not complete their volunteer hour obligation for 2018/19 and did not pay the Volunteer Opt Out Fee for 2018/19 must pay the Volunteer Opt out Fee for 2018/19 in addition to their registration fees for 2019/20 to be considered "Paid" for the purpose of "Preference" for individual and team placement in leagues.


Register online by credit card or pay by cheque.  Cheques must be made payable to the Huntley Curling Club. Please no post-dated cheques and do not send cash in the mail.  If you are unable to do online registration, contact the Membership Director for assistance.


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