Bus Bonspiel: Jennifer Jones narrates Montreal’s car curling

“It’s right through the house!” Curling legend Jennifer Jones gives her assessment of an icy Montreal pile-up. Courtesy of Maclean’s.



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Sweeping Decision

Through a process involving international athletes, sports experts, ice professionals and other important stakeholders, new regulations have been approved by WCF Members at the WCF’s Annual General Assembly, held in September 2016 in Stockholm, Sweden.

We at Huntley Curling Club are issuing a note to all members on the use of new advances in broom heads and sweeping techniques, which significantly (and negatively) affected the sport on the ice and fan enjoyment of elite curling. This has been addressed this summer by the major curling ruling bodies, starting from the World Curling Federation and Curling Canada, and also adopted closer to our region by the Ontario Curling Association.

   Link to the Sweeping Moratorium Statement by Curling Canada which includes both competitive rulings and guidance for recreational/club play can be found here:  http://www.curling.ca/championships/sweeping-moratorium-statement/

   Link to the Ontario Curling Association Statement which describes how the Sweeping Moratorium Statement will be applied to OCA competitions can be found here:  http://d5848hujxpva6.cloudfront.net/wp-content/uploads/sites/6/2016/09/OCA-Sweeping-Moratorium-Sept-2016.pdf

How do the above statements apply to Huntley Curling Club members?

Because this has such a high public profile, this was discussed and motioned at the last HCC Board Meeting in September, and we felt it would be good to set the record straight on applicability to our members and league play, so all are aware and there is no question on this rule or that rule while out playing on the ice. Here are the most relevant rulings and recommendations from the WCF and CC as applicable to us:

  • Broom Heads - Any prior equipment used by players at the club level is encouraged to continue to be used as recommended by the WCF and Curling Canada (including broom heads that are now designated as non-compliant). The rationale is that banning these would be impractical at the club level, and these broom heads will naturally weed themselves out of the supply chain and as used by curlers over time anyways. Generally, there is little to no advantage at the club level. However, they did also ban corn brooms and hair brooms from sweeping usage. 

The Implications to Huntley Curling Club - we will allow non-compliant broom heads per the recommendation, however, will ban corn(straw) brooms and hair brooms as a sweeping device, predominantly to help maintain good ice conditions for all. We don’t believe this will be a major issue across our membership. Note: these devices can continue to be used as an aid when delivering a stone out of the hack. Also, all members are reminded that you must use your own equipment on the ice, as opposed to club brooms, etc. available for rentals.

  • Competitive Events - Members playing in competitive spiels or play-downs need to be aware that you may be subject to using compliant brooms and comply with the associated rules for sweeping.

The Implications for Huntley Curling Club - All members playing competitively outside the club should be aware these may apply when entering these types of events including OCA events.

  • Sweeping - Sweeping rules have been clarified – effectively any sweeping technique is now allowed as long as there is brush head movement in the sweeping motion and the finishing stroke is outside the path of the stone. Prohibited is ploughing in front of a stone or the “dumping” of possible snow or material in the path of the stone. Sweeping is allowed E-W, diagonally or even N-S. The May sessions held in Kemptville by the WCF to scientifically measure broom head performance and techniques for sweeping clearly demonstrated no advantage to sweeping technique and this ruling is now issued by Curling Canada.

The Implication(s) to Huntley Curling Club -  This clarified sweeping rule does apply to us and is in keeping with part of the general Rules of Curling we already follow. Hence, there will not be any significant change expected in club play.

Any questions or comments, let us know.  Regards and the best of curling to all this season.

Lidia Cormier                      Kevin Johnson

HCC President                        HCC VP and Match Director


Science In Sport - The Evolution Of The Curling Broom


Canada's John Morris gives us an in-depth look at the evolution of the Curling Broom.